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Lifetime Safety Service

Our explosion proof safety solution is served in the whole lifetime of the equipment, covering the explosive atmosphere risk assessment, selection of the right Ex equipment, high standard design and certification, manufacturing procedure, operation training, maintenance and annual safety inspection, to achieve sustainable safe operation of ex-proof equipment. 


Ex Consulting

We provide professional consultancy services and technical solutions for the users when operating in the potential explosive atmosphere, to make sure their safety of their products and operation procedure.  

  • Hazardous areas risk health check
  • Hazardous areas and explosive atmosphere risk assessment
  • Hazardous Areas Classification (HAC)
  • Type selection of Ex equipment in hazardous areas
  • Safety advice and technical advice in hazardous areas

Customized Design

We provide the specified explosion protection solution for the equipment operating in the potentially explosive atmosphere by the customized design. The original functions and performances of the OEM equipment are retained by applying the engineering principle, which is in line with the latest “intelligent technology” development. 

  • Customized design on the explosion proof equipment
  • Intelligent and automated system development on the explosion proof equipment
  • New systematic development on the explosion proof equipment
  • Explosion proof peripheral accessories development

Certification & Testing

All the Hazardous explosion proof equipment and components are tested and certified according to the national standard, European standard or IEC international standard, attaching the independent official third party certificates, for using safely in the potentially explosive atmosphere.

  • Engineering design verification
  • Technical construction file approval
  • In-house test facility procedures
  • The third party certification

Ex Training

We provide the full training courses for you and your staff by combining the actual demo and practice, to raise the awareness of working in hazardous areas, to help the operators and service people to understand how to operate and maintain the Ex equipment in a right way.

Course Contents:

  • Ex Terminology & Flammable Materials Fundamentals
  • Approaches for the Classification of Hazardous Areas and Explosion Protection Equipment
  • Overview of Equipment Protection Concepts (Non-electrical equipment)
  • Overview of Equipment Protection Concepts (Electrical equipment)
  • Introduction of Electrical Control Principle of Ex-proof Forklifts Analysis on Electric Diagrams and Drawings
  • Trouble Shooting and Faults Analysis, Demonstration of Systems
  • Examination Paper, Q&A
  • Hazardous Facility Tour, Understanding on the Procedure of Engineering Design, Manufacturing.

Technical Support

We provide the after-sales service and technical support for mobile explosion proof vehicles. We have now stationed dedicated after-sales service personnel and partners in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and Xinjiang, who will address faults and problems occurring in the use of the equipment effectively. It will make sure the continuous safety operation of the equipment in a best effective way.

  • Pre-sales technical consulting on the right selection of Ex equipment
  • In-process inspection technical support during the equipment manufacturing
  • After-sales Ex safety training
  • After-sales online support
  • After-sales onsite inspection and faults finding

Parts Supply

We established completed online parts supply system. Every delivered Ex equipment was managed as an independent project, matching its appropriate database and own parts list. We also update our inventory of commonly-used parts in real time through the smart online system, to ensure their adequate supply and help our customers reduce downtime caused by equipment failures.


Annual Safety Audit

There may be aging and mechanical breakdown for using all the year round in the explosion protection trucks, which will lead to the functions unavailable. Therefore, it is a must for the approved professional engineer to conduct a systematic inspection for the Ex-proof products periodically to ensure the Ex-proof functions available, to make sure the lifetime safety of the ex-proof equipment.

  • A thorough inspection of the safety critical components in the explosion protection conversions annually
  • An inspection checklist kept for every Ex equipment as filing record
  • An important reference for the risk assessment and equipment safety management
  • Keep track of the latest safety status of the Ex equipment to avoid any potential risks.
  • A pass mark issued to indicate the qualification of the equipment

Rental Service

We provide varies of rental services on Ex equipment, including long-term rental and short-term rental. We have built a complete and excellent after-sales service system based on our Suzhou, Guangzhou facilities and local partners around China to satisfy the customer demand with quick response.

  • Long-term Rental Services
  • Short-term Rental Services


We provide varies of explosion protection solutions, including recycling or replacement service of used explosion proof equipment, and refurbishment services.

  • Replacement Service on Second-hand Explosion Proof Equipment
  • Recycling Service on Second-hand Explosion Proof Equipment
  • Refurbishment Service on Second-hand Explosion Proof Equipment
  • Upgrades Service on Second-hand Explosion Proof Equipment


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